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The health education publications listed here cover a range of kidney-related conditions and treatment.

Many publications that we publish are available to download for free via the links indicated.

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Back on the Menu: Low potassium recipe book

Back on the Menu

Our Back on the Menu: low potassium recipe book provides easy to follow recipes developed for people who need to control the amount of potassium in their diet, particularly those with kidney disease or those requiring haemodialysis, who have been advised by their doctor to follow a low potassium diet. The authors stress that recommendations for renal diets vary widely between individuals - this recipe book is best used in conjunction with dietary advice from a dietitian experienced in renal nutrition.

Developed with support of an unrestricted education grant from Baxter.

Cost: $15 each Bulk orders (over 10 copies) $12 each. Buy online, or download our bulk order form.

Kidney Kidnections

 1 - Unnamed

Kidney Kidnections has been written by the parent of a Kidney Kid. This uplifting book tells real stories of Australian families struggling to come to terms with a child being diagnosed with kidney disease. It’s an inspirational insight into their experiences, with beautiful photos and simple facts about kidney disease, how our kidneys work, and more.

Cost: $25 each including postage - Buy online, or download our bulk order form.

Kids Companion on Kidneys

 1 - Unnamed

The Kids Companion on Kidneys is a handbook about 'how it is' to be a kid with chronic kidney disease who is on dialysis and waiting for a transplant. It tells how different life can be when you can only eat certain foods and drink limited fluids, and what it feels like having to depend on regular dialysis in order to live.

The following support sheets for this booklet can be downloaded and printed:

Cost: Free

Living with Kidney Failure: Your extensive guide

 1 - Unnamed

'Living with Kidney Failure: Your extensive guide' is a practical resource for people diagnosed with kidney disease and is regarded as the basic bible of kidney information written in Australia, for Australians.

Our 8th edition is especially helpful for people choosing the most appropriate treatment option for kidney disease and presents a carefully balanced view of the types of dialysis and whether home or centre-based dialysis in most suitable.

The new edition has user-friendly spiral binding, includes writable pages, and presents an enhanced focus on self-management strategies.

You can download a promotional poster for the handbook here.

Cost: $15 each including postage - Buy online, or download our bulk order form.

Moe's Sick Kidneys

 1 - Unnamed

Moe's Sick Kidneys is an informative illustrated book for children four to eight years old, especially Kidney Kids. Moe has sick kidneys and takes his friend Milko on an adventure to tell him what it’s like. Milko thinks Moe is very brave living with sick kidneys, having his blood cleaned and taking care of himself.

This book has been produced in collaboration with occupational therapy students Veronica Edwards and Catherine Tonks from the University of South Australia.

Cost: $10 each including postage - Buy online, or download our bulk order form.

My Kidneys My Health: Living with early stage chronic kidney disease

 My Kidneys My Health

Among the current resources available for people newly diagnosed with kidney disease is our practical and comprehensive My Kidneys My Health: Living with early stage chronic kidney disease handbook.

The My Kidneys My Health handbook focuses on helping you to understand your kidney disease and provides information about how you can take control - you can make lifestyle changes to slow down any future kidney damage.

This handbook also lists many useful contacts and supports that can help you through your journey with kidney disease.

  • You can contact our Kidney Health Information Service on freecall 1800 454 363  to order your printed copy of My Kidneys My Health, ask other questions and sign up for our community newsletter.
  • You can order this publication using our Resource Order Form
  • You may also email your order request to KHIS@kidney.org.au
  • You can download this handbook free here

The My Kidneys My Health handbook was kindly supported by a grant from the John and Thirza Daley Charitable Trust who provided a Perpetual grant.

SANE Guide to Good Mental Health for people affected by kidney disease

The SANE Guide to Good Mental Health for people with kidney disease
The SANE Guide to Good Mental Health for people affected by kidney disease looks at associated mental health problems, treatment options and offers case studies of people who have experienced CKD and how it impacted on their lives. CKD can affect every area of life - relationships, work and how we socialise with other people may all be affected.

Initiative of Kidney Health Australia and SANE Australia who joined together to address the issue of mental health and kidney disease - 50% of Australians with CKD are affected by depression.

Cost: $10 each including postage - Buy online, or download our bulk order form.

Where's your kidneys Mum?

1 - Unnamed

Starting dialysis is a significant challenge for anyone; children in particular find it very hard to understand. This charming book uses drawings to help make it easier to tell the story of the practical day-to-day problems faced by a family when a parent begins dialysis.

Where's your kidneys Mum explains why dialysis helps kidneys to do their important work in the body, so children can better understand chronic kidney disease and its treatment.

You can read an excerpt from this book here.

To order, phone Wendy Faulder on 02 6244 2046 or email wendy.faulder@act.gov.au

Cost:  Postage and handling costs only.

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow: Personal accounts of people living with kidney failure

1 - Unnamed

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Personal accounts of people living with kidney failure presents is a wonderful collection of stories from people with kidney problems and their families. Messages of great courage, strength and resilience are outlined in these stories, which are timeless and inspirational.

Cost: $12 each including postage - Buy online, or download our bulk order form.

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