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Our kidneys are nature's recyclers - we can do the same work in everyday life

Car Recycling - Don't know what to do with your old car?
If you reside in Adelaide or Melbourne metropolitan area, your old car can by fully recycled and you can make a contribution to Kidney Health Australia. You will receive an income tax receipt for the value of your donation. If you reside in other areas, call your local car recycler to arrange collection and then send us your recycling cheque.

Action: Call the Kidney Car Hotline 1800 454 363 to arrange collection

Mobile Phone Recycling
Collect old mobile phones within your school, workplace or home. Instead of destroying old mobile phones, recycle by donating them to us and help raise money to support our work. we will arrange for you to receive a satchel or a collection box. Not only are you clearing the drawers, but helping our environment in this recycling program and tell your friends about this program.

Action: Contact Annette Smith on 03 9674 4300 or at events@kidney.org.au

Used Stamps - so easy to collect
A fun way to assist us and involve work colleagues, family and friends is collecting good used stamps. Do you open or have access to large amounts of mail or receive mail from lots of friends? Just tear the stamps off, leaving plenty of room so marks are legible. Talk to your workmates and friends and enlist their help and when you have collected a pile of stamps, put them in a large envelope.

Action: Post envelope with stamps to:-
Annette Smith, Used Stamps, Kidney Health Australia, GPO BOX 9993, Melbourne VIC 3001

Our team of volunteers have raised significant funds for us
and your help is very much appreciated.

Thank you for your support and contribution to our fundraising efforts!

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