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is a dietary supplement, especially designed by kidney specialists. It has been formulated to provide the nutrients your body needs and is created specifically for those with kidney disease.

KidneyVital aims to supplement key vitamins and trace elements to help you live a fuller and more active life. Please read and follow the instructions on the KidneyVital bottle.

Kidney Health Australia recognises this product as a smart choice for the health of your kidneys.

KidneyVital is a good supplement choice for people with an existing concern for their kidneys as well as anyone interested in supporting general wellbeing. Available in convenient tablet form, it can be taken whole or crushed.

KidneyVital recognises the importance of Vitamin D, and is unique among renal vitamins in providing 1000IU of Cholecalciferol, a dose recommended by leading experts.

Taken daily, KidneyVital provides the right vitamins and minerals in the right dose.

  • Nephrologists own formulation
  • Suitable ingredients and dosages for kidney patients
  • Convenience of a single daily tablet
  • Includes Vitamin D
  • Contains no artificial colouring
  • Gluten free

Order your choice of KidneyVital supply online

Or call 1800 KVITAL - 1800 584 825 - our friendly staff will help with your order

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Updated 1 June 2015

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