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More than 50 Australians die each day with kidney-related disease – that is more deaths daily with kidney related disease than deaths from breast cancer, prostate cancer, road accidents and suicides.

Meet Dan “I only had 7% kidney function and didn’t know....... ”

In early 2013, 34 year old Dan had a bad cold. After taking some time off work to recuperate, but failing to feel any better, Dan visited his local GP who ran a few tests for good measure, including blood and urine tests to check the health of his kidneys.

A few days later, Dan received an urgent call from his Doctor’s office telling him he had to go to the emergency department at his nearest hospital straight away.

Dan’s test results showed he had end-stage kidney disease and that – with his kidneys only operating at 7% of what they should be – he was lucky not to be in a coma. He was immediately hooked up to haemodialysis treatment for 12 hours to start cleaning the toxins out of his blood, and spent the following four days in the Intensive Care Unit.

What followed was months of tests and hospital stays whilst he adjusted to life with kidney disease, and trialled different dialysis treatment options to find which would work best for him. Dan now relies on peritoneal dialysis to keep him alive and has recently joined the long waiting list for a new kidney. (photo of Dan's peritoneal catheter above)

Like thousands of Australians diagnosed with kidney disease, Dan did not experience any warning signs that his kidneys were deteriorating. Now, his life will never be the same. Read full Autumn 2014 Appeal letter & donation form>

Give your gift of support to Kidney Health Australia to help us deliver our programs
We appreciate your financial support, as it enables us to maintain and grow our important work on behalf of our kidney community and ensures that we deliver on our vision ‘to save and improve the lives of Australians affected by kidney disease’. See below for various ways you can give us your gift of support.

Find out more about our various Kidney Community Support Programs> 

To make a tax deductable donation or arrange a monthly tax deductible donation,
simply phone us on
freecall 1800 454 363 and our friendly staff will assist you.

Click here to donate online-  using our secure system via ANZ eGate
Enter "Appeal Donation" into the relevant description box, located at the bottom of the form.

Please remember to complete the 'CAPCHA' section with the relevant letters/numbers, as this validates your identity and donation in a secure manner.

If you wish to mail your donation - print our Autumn 2014 Appeal letter
complete the relevant donation form, then post your completed form to us at:
       Autumn Appeal 2014 - Kidney Health Australia
       GPO Box 9993 Melbourne VIC 3001

Talk with us about leaving a bequest in your Will to Kidney Health Australia

Find out more at Bequests and Wills>

If you would like further information on including a gift bequest in your Will, or to receive a copy of our special booklet with other information on our work in our kidney community, contact:

       Susan Sayer - National Development Manager
Alternatively - call Susan to speak with her personally at her desk on 03 9674 4302

       Request a book by post to: Kidney Health Australia, GPO Box 9993, Melbourne VIC 3001

       Email Susan: bequests@kidney.org.au

Kidney Health Australia celebrated 45 years in 2013

For 45 years, we have relied on donations from generous Australians like you to help us to deliver our important education and health services to the community, and support those affected by kidney disease. In 2013, generous contributions from our supporters have allowed kidney health Australia to:
  • Fund 18 separate scholarships and grants for vital kidney related research projects in University departments, medical research institutes, and hospitals throughout Australia.
  • Continue our Nursing Scholarship program that encourages nurses to specialise in renal nursing.
  • Fund our essential support services for people living with kidney disease, such as our National children’s programs Kidney Capers and Kidney Camps.
  • Give a record number of sick children with end stage kidney disease a holiday at our State and National Kidney Kids Camps, where they could socialise with their peers and feel ‘normal’.
  • Bring former Kidney Camp kids back to camp as mentors to share their experiences of growing up dealing with the disease Your kind donation will enable us to to make a real difference to peoples’ lives, however there is a lot of work ahead of us and we need your help.

Page updated on 27 March 2014

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