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Kidney Health Australia, formerly known as the Australian Kidney Foundation, was officially registered and opened its first office on 9 August 1968.

We are a not for profit organization whose focus is to improve kidney health outcomes which lead to substantial improvements to the quality of life for people with kidney and urinary tract diseases, their families and carers, as well as developing initiatives that reduce the incidence of kidney disease in the Australian community.

Kidney Health Australia has given a long term commitment to families and children affected by kidney disease, but the biggest challenge remains for us to reach those two million Australians who do not know they have early kidney damage. Go to Mission, Vision and Values to find out more.

Our consumers
Kidney Health Australia provides a range of programs designed to cater to the needs of the:

  • kidney patients and their families
  • the general public
  • health professionals
  • supporters, volunteers, student
  • State and Federal Government
  • State and Federal Health Departments
  • organisations providing goods and services for the care of the kidneys and urinary tract
  • anyone who is affected by kidney disease of have a particular interest in kidney health


Kidney Health Australia has broadened its main focus from the funding of cutting-edge medical research, to incorporate the delivery of needs and evidence-based health programs and services, including:

  • awareness and education programs, and kidney community initiatives developed in conjunction with kidney specialists, health professionals and educators to curb the incidence of kidney disease in the Australian community. Go to Kidney Health Programs for more information.
  • the provision of a network of education, care and support for patients, their families and carers.
    the promotion of organ donation.
  • through our expertise and commitment, we aim to reverse the trend of the rising incidence of kidney disease and to ease the burden of its immense human and financial cost.  

Refer to The Impact of Kidney Disease prepared by our National Consumer Council using feedback from members of our kidney community. We recommend Fast Facts on CKD in Australia to realise the dimensions of the problem we are trying prevent.


Kidney failure is a significant and growing public health problem which is responsible for a substantial burden of illness and premature mortality. For key lay language facts on CKD in Australia, refer to Fast Facts on Kidney Disease. If a health professional, you may want higher level statistics, refer to CKD in Australia

 Kidney Health Australia family - at a planning workshop

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