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Our Family Accommodation Initiative Transplant Housing program has been very valuable to those with chronic disease, in particular the kidney community of Western Australia.

FAITH HouseTransplants are critical to the survival of many kidney disease patients. With the average wait for a transplant at approximately four years, live kidney donations are increasing - where a healthy person donates a kidney to be implanted into another person with irreversible kidney disease.

Our F.A.I.T.H. [Program provides furnished accommodation for families who need to travel to Perth for living kidney transplants. Kidney Health Australia has provided many rural families with much needed lengthy stays accommodation, which they could not otherwise afford.

Easing the strain of live donation
Due to the costs involved in living kidney donation, families often incur financial strain due to lost income from time off work, accommodation and travel costs. Kidney transplants are done in city based hospitals which means rural and regional families have no choice but to travel to the city for the operation and follow up treatment. One transplant patient reported he traveled for 8 hours by bus into the city, each time he needed treatment and he then waited in hospital corridors before catching the bus back home, as the cost of accommodation was too high.

Helping to ease the emotional and financial stress of live kidney donation
In the past rural families had no affordable furnished accommodation options in Perth for the duration of a transplant operation and after-transplant follow-up (which can be up to 3 months).

A partnership agreement between Kidney Health Australia and Foundation Housing WA, with a generous grant from LotteryWest, allowed complete fit-out of the F.A.I.T.H. houses.

Families involved in living donation and families involved in deceased donation and dialysis education have stayed for periods of one to five months. F.A.I.T.H. has also assisted families from Victoria and Queensland to participate in kidney transplants in WA. In future, we hope to provide F.A.I.T.H. accommodation across Australia.

Charges for this service
Kidney Health Australia will charge the full amount claimable through each of these schemes. Ask your social worker for further information. Two government schemes can assist with accommodation costs, if eligible:

F.A.I.T.H. Housing Eligibility?  
Read Patient info sheet here and WPATS info above, and the FAITH information brochure

Complete our FAITH - Expression of Interest Form to apply, and send your completed form to:

Health Manager, Kidney Health Australia Office,  GPO Box 9993, Perth WA 6001
You may fax your form to 08 9381 7911, or email scanned copy to wa@kidney.org.au

For more information call Collin Finch, our WA Health Manager on 08 9381 9311.

Page updated 17 March 2014

PDF FAITH Housing brochureRead about this program to establish if you could be eligible
pdf FAITH Expression of Interest FormComplete this form to apply for FAITH Housing - for families involved in altruistic or live kidney donation
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