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Quick Links: KHA Kidney health resources  Transplantation statistics: Fast Facts on CKD  * CKD in Australia

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Organ Donor Register
Australian Organ Donor Register or call 1800 777 203
Australian Red Cross Blood Service call 131 495 to donate always needed blood
Australian Tissue and Eye Banks in Australia  DonateLife references
Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry Global network of donor registries of unrelated donors
- 18 to 40 in good health and prepared to donate for anyone in the world. Call 02 9234 2405

Australian education for health professionals - Organ & Tissue Donation

DonateLife - Education on organ donation for health professionals GP education modules (CME points)

Australian transplant organizations - general
Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society
Medicare Australia for organ donation queries
Outcomes Australia
Transplant Australia   

Australian support and awareness community groups
David Hookes Foundation  
DonateLife *Guide for Community Speakers     
Transplant Australia  *State groups  *Cricket Club
     *Australian Transplant Games Melbourne: 26 September to 5 October 2014 Refer to draft program>
World Transplant Games Federation 
Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation

Australian Transplant Professional Organizations 
Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology ANZSN
Australian Transplant Co-ordinators Association ATCA
Renal Society of Australasia RSA
Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand TSANZ        
Transplant Nurses Association TNA

Global links of interest - CKD and Transplantation
Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes KDIGO
National Institute of Health NIH UK
Transplant Living
Transweb USA

International Transplant Groups
Association of Organ Procurement Organization AOPO
American Society for Artificial Organs ASAIO
British Transplant Society BTS
European Dialysis and Transplant Association ERA-EDTA committed to communication on ethical practices
     *Declaration of Istanbul on Organ Trafficking & Transplant Tourism - Custodian Group 
     *Thinking of buying a kidney?  STOP!  What you need to know (many translations)
World Health Organisation - Transplantation of human cells, tissues & organs W.H.O. Global  
Nephrology Dialysis & Transplantation Assocation - Education  *Literature Review  *Survey reports
Renal - National Services Framework UK  
Transplant Recipients International Organisation TRIO
United Network for Organ Sharing UNOS - USA

Live Organ Donation
Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry Global network of donor registries of unrelated donors - 18 to 40 in good health, prepared to donate for anyone in the world
Australian Paired Kidney eXchange-Agreement to participate
  *Living Donors   *Q & A - live donation  
Could I be a Living Donor  Transplant UK
Live Kidney Donor - Travel Reimbursement Scheme West Australian Country Health Service Patient info sheet
Making a decision about living and organ and tissue donation NHMRC

Organ Donation - Patient education online (some great school project info for children as well)
KHA Resources: Organ and tissue donation & transplantation
Get the Facts USA website
Heart transplant animation NOVA education
The Interactive Body: Organs and tissues for transplant  3D human organs and tissues
Kidney Transplant  Virtual Renal Centre WA - 3D animation and other interesting education
Kids Kare Provides information on organ donation and organ transplants USA
Play with Transplant Man  Renal Support Network USA
Renal Resource Centre  Sydney NSW - many publications in this category
Types of organ donation  DonateLife
TransplantKids UK 
Understanding the organ donation process
Wiki overview - global organ donation systems, attitudes

Renal and Organ Donation Registries

Australian data and stats
ANZDATA & ANZOD Registries
Australian Institute of Health & Welfare - AIHW Data &Resources 
CKD in Australia  *Fast Facts on CKD  *Health Fact Sheets and Resources KHA website

Global data and stats
European Dialysis and Transplant Association Registry  (ERA-EDTA)  
     *Scottish Renal Registry  *UK Transplant  *UK Renal Registry 
Global Observatory on Donation & Transplantation   *  Complete list of global registries> 
National Singapore CKD Notification - Registry
United States Renal Data System USRDS  *  Links to resources dialysis organisations

Standards for treatment of CKD, organ donation and transplantation 
DonateLife - Policies and protocol On organ donation, cardiac death and transplantation
KDOQI Guidelines National Kidney Foundation USA
KDIGO Guidelines  Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes
KHA-CARI Guidelines Caring for Australasians with Renal Impairment 
     *Chronic Kidney Disease *Dialysis *Transplantation (Guideline categories)
NDTA Guidelines  Nephrology Dialysis & Transplantation Association
Organ allocation protocols for kidneys in Australia TSANZ

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