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Kidney Community News: May 2015>
From Managing Director and CEO  *Indigenous CKD the Focus of World Kidney Day 2015  *Medical Matters: $100k Prize for World’s First Affordable Dialysis Machine *Research Investigates Link Between Calcium-Based Drugs and Heart Health  *Kidney Kids Have A Wild Time at Camp!  *Kidney Health Week – patient profile  *Good News for NSW Consumers  *Join Us! Kidney Health Week 24-30 May 2015  *CKD, Dialysis & Diabetes-friendly: Broccoli Chicken Casserole> 

  Kidney Calendar of Events 2015>
24-30 May: Kidney Health Week 2015 - Meet Your Kidneys
Learn about the role of the kidneys, what happens when they fail, and what can be done to promote good kidney health during this week of awareness-raising and education. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION & RESOURCES>

15-17 June: Renal Society of Australiasia 2015 - Perth WA

8-18 October: Join our Great Wall of Chine Challenge - take the trip of a lifetime!
Big Red Kidney Dialysis Bus - Holiday Dialysis Program>
26 April-16 June: Big Red Kidney Bus - Robinvale Victoria


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Calls for articles for Kidney Community News
You are invited to email your suggestions for articles, to advertise an event, or share your story in our free monthly newsletter.

Simply contact: Cassandra Bradshaw - Editor Kidney News and Media & Communications Adviser on 03 9674 4313, 0402 346 197 or Cassandra.Bradshaw@kidney.org.au

Kidney Community poster> Print colour copy to display in your Dialysis Unit. 

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Media 13 May 2015:
Improved Support for Living Donors welcomed
Kidney Health Australia welcomes the Federal Government’s commitment to continue to fund the Supporting Leave for Living Organ Donors Programme for a further two years, and congratulates the Government on its decision to extend the leave period from six to nine weeks. Media>

Travel Freedom on Dialysis - Kidney Kamper Van Program

Click on button to donate - note your donation is for 'Travel Freedom on Dialysis - Kidney Kamper Program'. Use freecall 1800 454 363 and our staff will make this easy for you.

The Wade family from Gold Coast donated $50,000 to the 'Travel Freedom on Dialysis' Program - an exciting initiative to provide important respite or holiday dialysis options for Australians living with kidney disease or on dialysis. Each van is fitted with dialysis machines - the program initially available from the Gold Coast Queensland, with plans to expand to key cities nationally. Photo: prototype Kidney Kamper.


Big Red Kidney Bus - Holiday Dialysis Program
This mobile dialysis bus, fitted with Fresenius Medical Care dialysis machines and staffed by Monash Health staff, is located at popular holiday destinations in Victoria for 4-6 weeks at a time. Families with someone on dialysis can now take a break away from their hospital or satellite dialysis routine. Latrobe Valley Bus Lines will service, maintain and store our bus when not in use and provide drivers to relocate it as required.

New locations - find out how to book  - make holiday plans now and book your sessions for 2015!

We need your help for more buses - DONATE to Kidney Health Australia>
Enquiries: Jo Fairbairn, Community Education & Health Promotion Manager -
call 03 9674 4315 or bigredkidneybus@kidney.org.au

The KidneyCheck Program
KHA in partnership with Amcal and Guardian pharmacies launched our KidneyCheck Program -  the first Australian self-management program for people diagnosed with high blood pressure or diabetes, to check for protein in their urine – one of the first signs of kidney damage. They can monitor the health of their kidneys in the privacy of their home. During Kidney Health Week we ran programs to support Australians who present with risk factors are aware that this new pharmacy program can pick-up any early warning signs – for up to 90% of kidney function can be lost without experiencing any symptoms.

New travel on dialysis guide - 'Dialysis on the Road'
A practical guide to planning travel for those on peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis. Included in this guide are tips on vehicle requirements, location options, how to organise supplies with great holiday success stories shared by those who travel on dialysis. See travel pages at www.homedialysis.org.au



Free housing for rural kidney transplant donors and patients 
Victorians living in rural  areas undergoing lifesaving kidney transplant surgery will now be able to recover at a new home away from home in Melbourne. Kidney Health Australia will today launch its Emorgo Kidney Transplant House, which provides accommodation at no cost to eligible patient and their families who need to be housed close to their transplanting hospital. Read our Media> then find out more at Kidney Transplant Housing>

Page updated 23 May 2015
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