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Education - Advocacy - Research - Support

We proudly present an outline of our services and programs which is just some of the important work we do within our kidney community.

Kidney Health Australia's Mission and Vision
To promote good kidney health through education, advocacy, research and support, to save and improve the lives of Australians affected by kidney disease. Our work in our kidney community helps people living with kidney disease, their carers and family members, kidney donors and recipients, through the provision of information, essential skills, education and support during each phase of the health and wellness pathway.

Read more in - All about work of Kidney Health Australia>

We provide a free phone support service Australia wide
for people living with and/or affected by kidney and urinary disease

            Email kidney health queries to our KHIS Manager at khis@kidney.org.au
National Relay Service relayservice.com.au to assist callers with hearing problems

Calls are answered by a trained receptionist (you first listen to an important heath disclaimer as part of the process to register a call). Simple details of your query are sent to a Health Service Manager. If our Health Manager is unable to reach the caller, a maximum of 3 calls over a 48 hour period, will be made to respond to your request.

Important to note this service does not provide specific medical advice. Should the caller require
further information or education you are advised to consult your doctor or a health professional.
Download our KHIS display poster for your dialysis unit and your patients>


We can help you become an 'expert patient'
By putting the pieces together, many patients become 'experts' as they learn a set of life skills to cope with and manage their chronic conditions. As a discerning patient learn the elements of how to locate and refer only to high quality evidence-based education. Our websites should be your first reference as we do the work for you. Increasing evidence shows that with proper support, people with a chronic condition can take the lead in managing their condition which improves their health, quality of life, and reduces incapacity.


  *  homedialysis.org.au  *  kidneycancer.org.au

Website Authorship
Each site provides reliable, up to date, evidence based health education resources to support and educate members of our Australian kidney community. Our sites rank highly against both Australian and global kidney communities. For more details about our kidney health education resources and authorship refer to Legal & Copyright>

Our Kidney Health Australia - Website Advisory and Editorial team

Find out how to research health information online
We recommend you read information on our page Using the web as it explains simply how you can locate reliable evidence based health education resources. Our websites enhance information presented onsite by linking to relevant external groups - Recommended Weblinks - are a list of reviewed sites and links to information which compliments kidney health education resources which we produce.

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Our site complies with HON Code Standards for trustworthy health information: verify here>

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Australian Dialysis Unit Guide> The DUG online
This online directory provides accurate location and contact details for public and private Renal and Dialysis Units in Australia. It is useful for referrals, to help with relocation or travel, or arrange short term stays. If considering travel with any chronic condition, you should refer to our Dialysis and Travel webpage before you start planning your travel.

Australian Holiday Dialysis Konnections - Dialysis Chair Swap Program>
Connects individuals on dialysis in locations across Australia, to arrange travel interstate for a special occasion, or enjoy a well earned holiday. Kidney Health Australia simply facilitates an exchange of contact information with other registered dialysis patients, who wish to swap their 'dialysis chair' space. Dialysis Unit staff must agree to and participate in the swap arrangement.

Kidney Connect is Kidney Health Australia’s umbrella support program for people with kidney disease, kidney donors and recipients, their carers and family members. Kidney Connect consists of the Kidney Care Program and the Peer Support Program as outlined below. Refer to Families and Carers page.

Kidney Care Program 
This program currently provides support to people undergoing dialysis treatment via the following initiative:

  • Dialysis Support Service
    The Dialysis Support Service provides support and companionship to people undergoing haemodialysis treatment in renal units throughout Australia by trained Kidney Care Volunteers. These volunteers are recruited, trained, supported and managed by Kidney Health Australia. The volunteers are not required to have experience with kidney disease, however, they are sensitive and supportive to the needs of these people. Contact our Health Service Manager in your state for more information.

Peer Support Program
The Peer Support Program currently provides support to people living with kidney disease, kidney donors and recipients, their carers and family members via the following initiative:

  • TelEConnect 
    This program provides support to people living with kidney disease, donors and recipients, their carers and family members by connecting them with trained Peer Support Volunteers who have similar experiences, through a national telephone and/or email peer support service. These volunteers are recruited, trained, supported and managed by Kidney Health Australia. They have personal experience with kidney disease and have made a positive adjustment to their experience with a chronic condition. These volunteers share practical and useful ways of managing and assuming responsibility for their health and wellness with their peers and empower them to become active members of their health care team. 

Kidney Health Education Forums
For kidney patients, carers and health professionals
Education to provide support to people living with kidney disease, kidney donors and recipients, their carers and family. Some are specifically for health professionals. Others organised collaboratively with local organisations making it easier for patients to attend and enable a wider range of topics.

Kidney Clubs and Support Groups
Many groups are listed on our Kidney Club page.
To find out more, or to register a Support Group not listed - simply contact Matty Hempstalk - Kidney Club Co-ordinator: 0404 177 748. We can list new groups on our Kidney Club page.

Self-Management Program
This form of education provides members of our kidney community with information, essential skills and support during each phase of the health and wellness pathway. See Living with Kidney Failure


Camps, Capers and Holiday Activities
Kidney Health Australia's Recreation Camps are organised for Kidney Kids and adults who have kidney disease, who are on dialysis and/or who have received a transplant.

Kidney Kids Camp
For kids aged between 7 and 17 years affected by kidney disease
An annual 4 day camp conducted in Queensland with the aim of national implementation in the near future.

Kidney Capers and Adult Holidays
Action-packed daytime fun-filled program to give Kidney Kids and their parents/carers an opportunity for social networking and a welcome break from normal routine.

  • WA Adult Holiday Dialysis Program
    Families applying who fit set criteria receive a week's holiday in beautiful south west Busselton in Western Australia using temporary dialysis unit.

If you have a question about any of our programs, contact your local Kidney Health Australia Branch Office or use our freecall 1800 454 363


One voice speaks louder!
Once registered with our Kidney Community, you will receive a monthly issue of our Kidney Community News allowing you access to:

  • information and invitations to KHA education and support activities
  • updates on medical research in kidney disease, on clinical trials and research opportunities
  • information on advocacy opportunities and government relations issues
  • information on community and corporate events held by Kidney Health Australia
  • personal profiles on key identities in our kidney community

We are interested in your suggestions! 
If you have an idea for a program to assist our kidney community, send suggestions to our KHIS Manager.

It is important to s
hare your experience with CKD with others
Register to post on Your Kidney Blog or join YAP Space - Forum & Chatroom

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KidneyHealthAus offers KidneyEd TV.
View our specially reviewed education YouTube videos grouped into special playlists - to learn more about kidney function and kidney failure, transplantation and dialysis - start with viewing the awesome animations Kidney & urinary systems in the body.


Being a member of our Kidney Community enables you to be informed and updated on issues that our National and State Consumer Councils are working on. Working with members of our kidney community, Consumer Councils can identify and are informed of, issues affecting individuals living with kidney and urinary tract disease, their families and carers. Kidney Health Australia will advocate and manage these issues to try to find a solution or help in some way. 

Refer to Consumer Participation * You Can Help?

Policy & Advocacy
Kidney Health Australia is always working in the background on advocacy issues that concern our kidney community. Refer to Policy & Advocacy>

To find out more about  Kidney Health Australia’s public submissions on key policy consultation opportunities, at both a State and Territory and Federal level. Further information regarding recent announcements regarding health policy can be found on Kidney Health Australia page Media Releases>

Organ Donation Awareness
Kidney Health Australia actively encourages Australians to consider organ donation. Kidney Health Australia does not manage organ and tissue donation, registration, or retrieval and transplantation of organs. Inquiries are referred to the Organ Donor Registry, to DonateLife, or other relevant agencies.

Family Accommodation Initiative - Transplant Housing
F.A.I.T.H. Program provides furnished homes for families who need to travel to Perth for live kidney donation and transplantation - accommodation they may not otherwise afford.


KHA-CARI Guidelines (Caring for Australians with Renal Impairment) 
Offers evidence based clinical practice guidelines based on best available evidence and effectiveness.

Kidney Check Australia Taskforce (KCAT)
Our primary care education program for health professionals - GPs, practice nurses, pharmacists and allied health practitioners.

It is the only Australian chronic kidney disease program designed specifically for general practice. KCAT has a fully accredited suite of teaching modules, developed with experts and each module is designed to assist with developing skills in the detection and management of CKD. Workshops are provided FREE to Divisions of General Practice in Australia.

Information presented at these workshops aligns with our current version of the
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Management in General Practice (2nd edition) booklet

Kidney Health Australia's Medical Research Funding Program
Our medical research program has provided well over $30 million for medical research conducted in Australian hospitals, institutions and universities. Refer to guidelines for KHA Medical and Science Scholarships and Research Grants available, plus details of research projects funded. Find out more>

International Federation of Kidney Foundations


The IFKF is a not for profit organisation - their Council Members represent kidney foundations, patient groups and other kidney related organisations from our global kidney' community.

Kidney Health Australia has been a proud Council Member since its creation in 2000 and has done much to help it grow since. The IFKF Secretariat was hosted in Australia for over 10 years. 

The 10th World Kidney Day - will be held on Thursday 12 March 2015
Kidney Health Australia - World Kidney Day provides local information to support activities in the Australian kidney community.

World Kidney Day held 2nd Thursday in March (collaboration of IFKF & International Society of Nephrology

For resources other than those provided for Australia, check global site www.worldkidneyday.org or email info@worldkidneyday.org

Updated 8 July 2014

Health Programs
Kidney Health Australia Services and ProgramsOverview of our Health and Medical Programs
  The material contained on this site does not constitute medical advice. It is intended for information purposes only. Published by Kidney Health Australia. Privacy Policy. For information about website content please contact the National Communications Manager.

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