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Home Dialysis & Electricity
ANZ/AS3003 is the standard that governs electricity regulations pertaining to home dialysis, both home haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Home dialysis units should be aware of their responsibilities related to this & other standards.
This summary provides basic information for - Electricity & Home Dialysis.

Disclaimer: The intent of this document is to provide information to renal units. Information presented is an interpretation of relevant Australian Standards Legislation as at February 2012. Kidney Health Australia and Home Dialysis Advisory Committee hold no responsibility for changes to the legislation. The legislation does not necessarily reflect the views of Kidney Health Australia or the Home Dialysis Advisory Committee. Electrical installers must obtain original copies of all legislation.


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The 2nd edition of this popular book supersedes previous version and contains important new information. It provides guidance and clinical tips to help identify, manage and refer CKD in your practice, to ensure a high standard of care for your patients.

Book available as PDF download - order hard copy using specific Order Form for this purpose. Email form with your contact details to KCAT@kidney.org.au - overseas orders not taken.

Kidney Health Australia's Kidney Check Australia Taskforce is a highly regarded group which manages our education program for health professionals. It aims to improve their knowledge and understanding of 'who and how' to screen for kidney disease. KCAT works in conjunction with kidney specialists, GPs, practice nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals, to provide a series of workshop modules - FREE to all Medicare Locals. Find our more www.kcat.org.au

Australian CKD Summits - Summary Reports
*2nd Summit 2009   *1st Summit 2007

YouTube: KidneyHealthAus
See interviews with key speakers for CKD Summit

For people living with, or affected by kidney disease

Or email your inquiry to KHIS@kidney.org.au

National Relay Service www.relayservice.com.au
to assist callers with hearing problems


3 April 2014: Explosion in Diabetes-fuelled Kidney Disease
Diabetic kidney disease now costs the Australian healthcare system $1 billion annually. KinD (Kidneys in Diabetes) Report just released.

Diabetes mellitus is the leading cause of end-stage kidney disease in Australia. Diabetes mellitus is the most common cause of new cases of end-stage kidney disease treated with kidney replacement therapy: nearly 5000 Australians with end-stage kidney disease due to diabetes are currently dependent upon a kidney transplant or dialysis for survival. In addition, the number of Australian’s who die from untreated end-stage kidney disease due to diabetes each year far exceeds the number commencing treatment. Supporting media>

Read the KinD Report 2014 here>
Two of a KinD Access Report 2011- Key Findings

The KHA-CARI Guidelines process includes revision of the evidence based guidelines every 3 years to incorporate latest evidence and to keep guidelines relevant. Final guidelines published in 'Nephrology'. Search for Guideline * Published * Contact Office


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