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Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider that preference will be given to applications relating to:

  • improving and assisting community awareness and prevention strategies
  • Increasing detection rates of early Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
  • documenting CKD demographics, trends and costs
  • implementing best care approaches to detected CKD cases
  • reducing the financial and social impact of CKD on patients and families
  • improving outcomes and quality of life on dialysis 

The assessment process is designed to favour those applications addressing these areas and with a clinical as opposed to laboratory focus. Applicants are encouraged to specially focus on harder-to-reach population groups in our community including:

  • Indigenous Australians 
  • people from culturally and linguistically diverse populations
  • people experiencing socio-economic disadvantage

Timelines for our new Research Grant Program
Refer to all guidelines and past schedules via links below.

All enquiries to: Joanna Stoic - Medical Director's Office
Kidney Health Australia, GPO Box 9993, Adelaide SA 5001
Phone 08 8334 7500  *  Fax 08 8334 7540  *  research@kidney.org.au

(value to $50,000 each)

Download guidelines PDF version - detailed application form must be included in your submission

Kidney Health Australia provides Project Grants for high calibre broad based multi-disciplinary and collaborative research activities.

Teams will be expected to contribute to new knowledge at a leading international level in important areas of health and medical research. Projects are expected to focus on clinical, public health or health services research into the causes, prevention and treatment of disorders of the kidney and urinary tract.

These awards are not designed to be a “seeding grant” – the project should be substantial in its own right and designed to lead to a definitive result. A maximum of four Project Grants will be awarded with a once only amount of up to $50,000 each, towards the cost of the project funded.

  • The project should usually be able to be completed with these funds and not be dependent on additional funds being raised.
  • The project should be able to completed within a defined time from commencement. This time would not normally be expected to exceed 2 years.
  • For projects not completed within 12 months, a progress report at the 12 month mark, and on completion of the project, are required.

Applications for KHA funding of special projects that do not qualify for
Project Grant support may be considered at any time

Applications for special funding should:

  1. Address and be consistent the overall aims of the KHA research program (see above)
  2. Justify why the application cannot follow the normal timelines for grant applications
  3. Usually have the potential for obtaining matching funds from an alternative source so as to enhance the value to research of KHA support.

Such applications will be considered and decided by our
Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee

Download Guidelines PDF version - cover sheet provided must be completed

Up to 4 scholarships will be available for award to graduates from medicine, science or allied health. At least one of these scholarships will be in the area of public health or population aspects of CKD. Conditions of award are detailed within the downloadable guidelines.

Eligibility and Location: Preference will be given to Australian applicants enrolled in Australian Universities. Part-time students are not eligible. Recipients may undertake additional paid work to supplement their scholarship stipend provided that their full-time student status is not compromised.

NURSING SCHOLARSHIPS: Medical & Scientific Kidney Related Research
Download Guidelines PDF version - cover sheet provided must be completed

For Australian Registered Nurses wishing to study Masters Degree and Post Graduate education in Nursing.

The aim of the program is to encourage nurses to pursue a career in renal nursing in any of its components – clinical practice, education or research - across the continuum of CKD from prevention and early detection to renal replacement. provides scholarships for Australian Registered Nurses wishing to study Masters Degrees in Nursing.

  • Nature of Funding
    The amount of the grant will be up to $3,000 per year for a maximum of up to 3 years. Funding is awarded annually for the duration of the Award but funding in 2nd and 3rd year is contingent on Kidney Health Australia receiving evidence of satisfactory annual progress from the relevant university. Funding may be provided to those already enrolled in courses. While grants of this nature are usually tax exempt, final determination of their tax status rests with the Australian Tax Office.

  • Eligibility and Location
    Applicants will be expected to have a renal nursing background in Australia and plan to use
    their Masters degree in the area of renal nursing.

Is your scholarship taxable? The interactive decision tool is provided by the Australian Tax Office. It will assist you to determine if your non-government scholarship is taxable, relevant to your personal situation.


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This report showcases cutting edge research funded by Kidney Health Australia across its history since first registered in 1968.

As a major funder of kidney research outside National Health & Medical Research Council, we continue to underpin the evidence base that drives health policy and strategic development for the advancement of the public health agenda from a kidney perspective. Support of Australia’s kidney research agenda is crucial to:

  • long term improvement of health outcomes for those with, or at risk of kidney disease.
  • development of State and Federal Government kidney related health policy.
  • building Australia’s evidence base to drive and underpin accessible and equitable service.

Bootle Award Research 2003 to 2010
Kidney Health Australia established the Bootle Award Medical Research Grant, using a $1 million dollar bequest from Estate of Miss Elizabeth Bootle dedicated to research in nephrology. Our Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee recommended the Bootle Bequest be used for developing and securing the academic career of Australian scientists or medical graduates in nephrology. Institutions matched funds awarded effectively doubling these funds. The wise management by Kidney Health Australia of this generous bequest injected over $5,000,000 into kidney research! Read more on Bootle research>

Bequests and Wills
This type of donation is a simple, yet powerful, way to support the early detection, prevention and treatment of kidney disease. If interested in making a bequest to Kidney Health Australia we would be delighted to speak with you - call Susan Sayer on 03 9674 4302, or email susan.sayer@kidney.org.au

Updated 2 December 2014 

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