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The Kincaid-Smith Medal

Kincaid-Smith Award - Guidelines for Nomination
Kidney Health Australia established this prestigious award to honour outstanding clinical and scientific achievements of Emeritus Professor Priscilla Kincaid-Smith AC CBE and her years of service to our organisation. In the early 60's she demonstrated overwhelming evidence of the link between headache powders and kidney damage and campaigned strongly against their use. Her research also resulted in substantial contributions to the link between the kidneys and high blood pressure.

The Kincaid-Smith Medal is awarded every two years to an Australian citizen or resident for outstanding clinical and scientific achievement in research into treatment of diseases of the kidney and urinary tract. This award is the highest scientific accolade of Kidney Health Australia - and is awarded on the recommendation of our Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee.

Past winners of our Kincaid-Smith Medal
Professor David Harris 2012
-   Professor Judith A Whitworth AC 2010
-   Professor Stephen Holdsworth 2005
-   Professor Anthony d’Apice 2002
-   The ANZDATA Registry 2000
-   Professor Villis Marshall 1996
-   Professor Robert Atkins 1994 

Kincaid Smith Medal 2012 - Professor David Harris
Professor Harris was awarded this prestigious medal for his outstanding contribution to research in the field of kidney disease. Her Excellency, The Governor-General Ms Quentin Bryce AC CVO bestowed the award to Professor Harris, who has made major clinical contributions in the prevention and management of chronic kidney disease, as well as in the management of patients with end-stage kidney disease by dialysis.

Kincaid-Smith Medal 2010 - Professor Judith A Whitworth AC
The Governor-General of Australia and Kidney Health Australia's Patron in Chief, Ms Quentin Bryce AC presented the prestigious Kincaid-Smith Medal for 2010 to Professor Judith Whitworth AC, pictured above with Professor Kincaid-Smith medal for her outstanding contributions to the knowledge of kidney disease and high blood pressure and is internationally renowned for her expertise in these areas.


Kidney Health Australia - Clinical Nephrology Presentation
Presented annually at the
Annual Scientific Meeting - Australian & New Zealand Society of Nephrology
Kidney Health Australia sponsors a prize valued at $5,000 for this award, which is judged on abstract and presentation at this meeting. All presenting members of the ANZSN are eligible.

KHA Clinical Nephrology Presentations

2013 - David Johnson
2012 - John Collins
2011 - Susan Blair
2010 - Kym Bannister
2009 - Alan Cass
2008 - Jonathan Craig
2007 - Hooi Sian Eng

2006 - Stephen McDonald
2005 - Nikky Isbel
2004 - Zhiquing Wang
2003 - Kevan Polkinghorne
2002 - Wendy Hoy
2001 - Gursharan Dogra
2000 - David Johnson
1999 - Ashley Irish

Kidney Health Australia - Best Clinical and Laboratory based presentations
Presented annually at the Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) - ASM
Kidney Health Australia sponsors two awards each valued at $1,000. These awards are judged on abstract and presentation - all presenting members of the Society are eligible.

KHA Clinical Research Presentation

KHA Laboratory Research Presentation

2014 - Dr Ashley Irish
2013 - Ms Melanie Wyld
2012 - Suda Swaminathan
2011 - Philip Clayton
2010 - Helen Pilmore
2009 - Shaundeep Sen
2008 - Jenna Iwasenko
2007 - Martin Gallagher
2006 - Jeffery Fletcher
2005 - Winita Hardikar
2004 - Alan Glanville
2003 - David Nicol
2002 - Bill Mulley
2001 - Paul Trevillian
2000 - Derek Hart
1999 - Brian Nankivell
1998 - Geoff McCaughan

2014 - A/Prof Wayne Hawthorne
2013 - Ms Stacey Walters
2012 - Robyn Sutherland
2011 - Jeanette Villanueva
2010 - Kate Markey
2009 - Siddharth Rajakumar
2008 - Kate Markey
2007 - Stacey Walters
2006 - Peter Cowan
2005 - Geoff Zhang
2004 - Alfred Hing
2003 - James Collins
2002 - Jon Ryan
2001 - Bruce Hall
2000 - Shlomo Cohney
1999 - Chen Au Peh
1998 - Ann Lehnert

For more information:
Aviva Rosenfeld - Executive Officer
Australian & New Zealand Society of Nephrology
anzsn@nephrology.edu.au  *  nephrology.edu.au

Joanna Stoic - Medical Director’s Office
Kidney Health Australia
research@kidney.org.au  *   kidney.org.au

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