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Kidney Health Australia - Education, Advocacy, Research, Support

Welcome to YAP Space where you can chat with members of our Australian kidney community. Chat with others with chronic kidney disease  to share your experience and support each other. We hope this may alleviate some isolation felt when living with a chronic condition. It is important to share your story with others - you are not alone!

YAP Space is moderated by our highly qualified health team
If you have questions on your kidney health, but prefer a confidential reply, email KHIS@kidney.org.au

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Topics: Bloggers from our 'kidney' community I Donor Compensation I Home dialysis I Organ Donation I Patient Transport 

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Material posted is reviewed - personal ID, contact information, health information which is not evidence based or product promotions must not be displayed. We encourage free and creative expression, however in any environment where people are given this freedom, conflict may arise. If an author uses language or materials that offend it will not be displayed. Do not post content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive to another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable. Treat other people's privacy as you would your own.


If you are part of a 'kidney' related support group online, know of a useful kidney health education website (other than ours) or have found a helpful YouTube education video, email teresa.taylor@kidney.org.au so we can review it to offer as an external education link for other users. We'd love to hear from you at any time.

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KidneyHealthAus KidneyEd TV
A selection of reviewed YouTube videos arranged in playlists. Each video has been judged as high quality education material of interest to anyone who wants to learn visually about their kidneys and kidney failure.
Start with cool animations in Kidney and urinary systems in the body.


Other kldney health problems - rare conditions, resources - Message Boards and Support Groups

Register to chat in moderated, safe and supportive space for kids and teens who live with chronic disease to hang out, connect, share experience and creatively express themselves. Membership free for any 10 to 21 year old living with serious illness or disability livewire.org.au

Updated 22 May 2015

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