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Our sister sites: kidneycancer.org.au * homedialysis.org.au

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Support Groups, Message Boards & social networking
Dates for KHA Kidney Clubs - links to Support Groups>

Connect with us                                        

Emotional and wellness resources - also refer to our page Mind, Body & CKD
Our webpage Finance - provides information for anyone with a chronic disease

Kidney health education resources checkmykidneys.org.au


Chronic Disease Self-management Patient Guides - Living with Kidney Failure Kidney Health Australia

Kidney Patient Charters and Principles of Care

Dialysis Options

Home Dialysis First stop for education on this topic - our sister site homedialysis.org.au 

Kidney Transplantation

Conservative or Palliative Care - with Kidney Disease

Treatment Options - for kidney disease & end stage kidney failure

For Indigenous Australians Indigenous Kidney Stories - Flipchart series

*No 1 The work of your kidneys            *No 2 When your kidneys get sick
*No 3 Living with Kidney Disease         *No 4 Treatment options and pathways 
*No 5 Haemodialysis                             *No 6 Peritoneal dialysis       
*No 7 Fistula and Catheter                    *No 8 Diet and kidney disease 

*No 9a Palliative care for people with sick kidneys 
*No 9b Palliative care for people with sick kidneys 
*No 10 Transplant x 4: *Introduction  *Tests required  *Surgery  *Life after transplant

Download KHA Kidney Story posters - display in clinic or use as education tools for your visitors

How do my kidneys work?  *Are your kidneys OK?  *What is a Kidney Health Check?   *Keep Strong Longer

Stories on stages of kidney disease, dialysis and treatment options. Graphics tell the stories simply - useful for Health Professionals, patients with English as 2nd language. Flipcharts are large - take time to load (primarily for health professionals - working with clients, but interesting to all).

Produced by Northern Territory Government - Contact Susan Poppe - Senior Nurse, Renal Services Advisor, 2nd Floor Health House, 87 Mitchell Street, Darwin NT - call 08 8999 2406 - susan.poppe@nt.gov.au

'Kidney Stories' available at Darwin University Print Shop www.cdu.edu.au
- Scott Chamberlain 08 8946 6300 uniprint@cdu.edu.au

Heart Smart Mobstyle Indigenous Australian Health National Heart Foundation - for students and teachers
Renal Resource Centre - see Aboriginal health: patients & health professionals

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Gateway: online kidney health and chronic disease education

Transplant story: A personal journey - Menzies School of Health Research (video)
Indigenous Australian man has living donor transplant which lasts 24 years background/ video excerpt>
Menzies resources> Menzies School of Health Research 08 8922 8196 or info@menzies.edu.au

For parents of kidney kids

Online hub for young people (10 to 20) living with serious illness, chronic health condition or disability. Articles, videos, blog - music player for music online! Regular competitions for epic prizes.


Kidney Health Australia pages onsite

  • Australian Dialysis Unit Guide KHA's online guide to Renal Units in Australia
    • Dialysis and Travel Guide Good travel on dialysis advice, plus links to info on travel destinations those on daiysis may consider for local and international locations.
  • International Federation of Kidney Foundations www.ifkf.org KHA is a long term member of IFKF
    - refer to detailed Inventory of IFKF Members - to contact IFKF Members, a great source of local information on dialysis, quality of care, reliability, charges and other concerns.
Translated Kidney Health Education Resources in many languages
Kidney Health Australia Translated Resources flyers, posters with simple English versions also available.

DonateLife - family support resources (includes Australian Organ Donor Register Form) and brochures: Understanding Death and Donation and In Reflection - Arabic; Chinese (traditional); Chinese (simplified); Greek; Hindi; Italian; Spanish; Turkish; Vietnamese; Korean; Dinka; Somali; Dari; Punjabi; Indonesian (Bahasa); Macedonian; Serbian; Croatian.


Health problems related to kidney failure, CKD and dialysis

Cancer of the kidney, renal carcinoma - our sister site kidneycancer.org.au


International (many in multiple languages)

Cardiovascular or heart disease

Diabetes and CKD

Kidney Stones

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), Cystic Disease and Renal Dysplasia

Rare conditions, Resources, Support Groups both international and Aussie Kidney Clubs

Urinary conditions and problems - Urinary Health onsite page promotes better urinary system health

Urinary health - for men and their families

National Relay Service 

Phone solution for those with hearing or speech impairment - use to connect

TTY/Voice 133 677  |  Speak & Listen (SSR) 1300 555727

Updated 22 May 2015
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