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Special fun things and books for Kidney Kids!
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Onsite KHA recommended web pages
Using the web & Kidney Glossary - valuable tools for school projects and personal health. Explore our site for helpful evidence based education.

Web resources for school projects
Drink Water Instead!  I  How Our Kidneys Work  I  Youth Links

The Kidney & Diseases of the Kidney Renal Resource Centre (22Mb) high resolution graphics.


Kidney Kids can have amazing 'Wishes' come true!
Make-A-Wish Foundation grants cherished wishes to kids and young people with a life-threatening illness. Parents of Kidney Kids should apply - child's nephrologist must confirm if child's illness is life-threatening. Medically eligible children (under 4) are entitled to a “Wish Box” of toys. Contact Christina Kelly, Community Liaison Officer on 03 9426 0777 or c.kelly@makeawish.org.au

Education - interesting as well as fun

For people with, or affected by, kidney and urinary disease
Or email enquiries to khis@kidney.org.au

National Relay Service relayservice.com.au if hearing impaired, to connect.

Kids Helpline 1800 551 800 - 24 hrs every day - 5 to 25 years old
and kidshelp.com.au/kids/information/cyberspace
What is Kids Helpline? Fun friendly site where you can get help and connect.
Phone, email or chat online with a counsellor.

As a young person with kidney failure, you are invited to join Livewire!
Free safe online place for young people (10 to 20) living with a serious illness, chronic health condition or disability, and siblings. Moderated chat to share experience with similar conditions! Enjoy new friendships, fun, guests! Awesome articles, videos, group discussion, blog, with music player featuring latest hits! Competitions for epic prizes. Register livewire.org.au * call 1300 727 827 * info@livewire.org.au


Kidney Kidnections Cost: $25 inc postage
This story of experiences of children and parents struggling to come to terms with a diagnosis of kidney disease, written by a parent of a Kidney Kid, tells real stories of Australian families with kids affected by kidney disease. Inspirational uplifting insight into their journeys with beautiful photos and simple facts on kidney disease, how our kidneys work and more.

Order 80 page colour book - freecall 1800 454 363 to send order to susan.sayer@kidney.org.au

Moe's Sick Kidneys
Cost $10 each (inc postage)

Moe takes his friend Milko on an adventure to tell him what it’s like. Milko thinks Moe is very brave having sick kidneys, having his blood cleaned and taking care of himself. This book is a great story and activity book for kids who have sick kidneys and friends around them.

Collaboration: Kidney Health Australia and University of South Australia - prepared by final year occupational therapy students Veronica Edwards and Catherine Tonks.

Where's your kidneys Mum? 

FREE TO ORDER - Postage & handling costs only - funds raised donated to Canberra Renal Outpatient Services. Contact Wendy on 02 6244 2046 or wendy.faulder@act.gov.au

Starting dialysis is a devastating challenge for anyone - kids find it very hard to understand. Charming book uses drawings to tell the story, to make it easier to set out day to day practical problems faced when a parent starts dialysis.

Book explains why dialysis helps kidneys do their important work in the body so kids better understand dialysis and kidney failure. View animations: How our kidneys work * How dialysis works with your child - excellent education resources support the book's message. Read an excerpt from Where's your kidneys Mum?

Kids Companion on Kidneys
Free Kidney Health Australia publication
Book tells it 'how it is' to be a kid with CKD - on dialysis, waiting for a transplant. It tells how different and difficult life can be when you can only eat certain foods and drink limited fluid. Imagine how it feels to depend on having dialysis regularly, to live. Support sheets can be printed: Family friends  I  Important contacts  I  Tablet timetable

Snap's Kakadu Club CD/DVD - First Steps
"Billy Kidney's Healthy Fun Show" CD/DVD
Part proceeds go to Kidney Health Australia

Kids (3 to 13) learn about their kidneys and other fun stuff.
Lindi's album tracks focus on ‘wholesome’ fun themes. snapskakaduclub.com.au

Lindi's fun and entertaining characters teach good health, confidence, being aware of the world, social wisdom, stranger danger, how to handle bullies and reinforces positive life skills.

Ventriloquist Lindi Jane, our Kid's Ambassador donates her time to entertain our Kidney Kids at our Kidney Camps, Kidney Capers and other events.

Billy Kidney's Health Tips are wise

* Keep fit -be active
* Drink plenty of water
* Eat lots of fruit and vegetables
* Avoid take-away food
* Dance run hop swim skip - as you like
* Play sport outside often with friends
* Be happy and healthy

Click on YouTube video 'Billy, Billy, Billy the Kidney from the album. You'll love it - it's catchy.


There's No Such Thing As A Silly Question
Handy free publication>

Practical guide and resource for Australian families, to assist parents of children with chronic illness, disability, mental illness, or a life-threatening illness, find their way around often complex medical & community systems.

For kids in Victoria Very Special Kids (partnership with Gandel Charitable Trust) - freecall 1800 888 875 or mail@vsk.org.au

For kids in South Australia Women’s & Children’s Hospital - call 08 8464 7900 (Jane) or nosuchthing@wchfoundation.org.au - download SA version>

ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES - for Kidney Kids, their siblings and family

KidneyHealthAus -
Kidney-Ed TV on YouTube
Reviewed videos and animations interesting animations - for both adults and kids
Collection of clips reviewed by our team. Quality videos, animations, health education videos, patient stories and topics, grouped in playlists. Recommended for project work. View Kidney and urinary system playlist first.


Like to find out more on our programs for Kidney Kids, their families and siblings, or our new young adult programs - call Colin Finch, National Kidney Kids Camp Co-ordinator on 1800 454 363 or KHIS@kidney.org.au

Our National Kidney Kids Camps offer entertainment with structured adult-supervised activities, organised with access to medical treatment and dialysis. Kidney Kids develop support networks with kids with similar health issues.

Also see photos from Kidney Kids Camp click link to download

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