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Indigenous Kidney Stories: What is a Kidney Health Check? * Are your Kidneys OK? * Keep Stronger Longer

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HOW DO MY KIDNEY WORK?  Download poster version (print A4 /A3 in colour)

**Images from Kidney Stories Toolkit - NT Renal Services


Various 'kidney stories' in these flipcharts tell you what life is like with sick kidneys! If you know someone with sick kidneys, or have sick kidneys yourself, they are important stories to pass on. Spoken word DVD of the Kidney Stories toolkit are now available.

Note: Although graphics are used in most resources, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people are advised some education resources may contain images and voices of people that have died

No 1: The work of your kidneys
No 2: When your kidneys get sick
No 3: Living with Kidney Disease
No 4: Treatment options and pathways
No 5: Haemodialysis
No 6: Peritoneal dialysis
No 7: Fistula and Catheter

No 8: Diet and kidney disease
No 9a: Palliative care for people with sick kidneys
No 9b: Palliative care for people with sick kidneys
No 10: Transplant 1 to 4: *Introduction  *Tests required  *Surgery  *Life after transplant

Key messages in the Kidney Stories Toolkit are presented with graphics made available by NT Renal Services
Kidney Health Australia is proud to host this important resource as part of our education program for Indigenous Australians.

Produced by Northern Territory Government & NT Renal Services
Susan Poppe - Senior Nurse, Renal Services Advisor - NT Renal Services
Officer, 2nd Floor Health House, 87 Mitchell Street, Darwin NT 0810
Call 08 8999 2406 - susan.poppe@nt.gov.au

Kidney Stories resources available from Darwin University Print Shop, with price dependent on quantity ordered - uniprint@cdu.edu.au

PD - It's easy: singer Jimmy Little. Designed to watch with your health worker who will tell you more about these stories.

Transplant story: A personal journey - Menzies School of Health Research video
A 52 minute film of the real-life story of an Indigenous family living with kidney disease. The documentary closely follows a young man, who had a living donor transplant when he was a child and which lasted 24 years. To view full credits supporting this excellent video - download video support details pdf> and view short overview video below. Other Menzies resources available here> Inquiries to: Menzies School of Health Research - call 08 8922 8196  (Reception), fax 08 8927 5187 or email your query to info@menzies.edu.au

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