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To find a dialysis unit using our DUG, click on drop down state box below for location and contact details for public and private Renal Units.

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Our DUG may be used for referrals, when relocating, and to arrange short term dialysis treatment in a particular city. Refer Dialysis and Travel for tips on how to plan travel effectively on dialysis.

Note: Private Renal Units charge fees for each treatment - 'PHI' under 'Billing

Help keep our DUG up to date - if you notice errors in address details, call us on 1800 454 363 or email KHIS@kidney.org.au

Use Whereis.com® or Google maps to find directions to a dialysis unit and see where they are located - click link for a detailed map view.

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Our DUG guide was inspired and pioneered by a dedicated volunteer, Graham Herbert - RIP 2012. Thank you Graham!

The Australian Travel Dialysis Konnections Program
Our AHDK program> connects patients wishing to 'swap' dialysis chairs for a short time. Whilst you can travel on haemodialysis, it is difficult to find a Renal Unit which can take casual clients, so plan ahead.

Dialysis Unit Guide (DUG) - select State, click details link Minimize
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