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Consumer Participation The Kidney Patient Charter

Our publication 'The Impact of Kidney Disease and what Government should be doing about it' was produced by your National Consumer Council. It is a special report made on behalf of all Australians with kidney disease.

Living with advanced kidney disease has a serious negative impact on people’s quality of life. This report highlights problems in our health system which may become an even bigger problem due to our ageing population.

The report provides a unique insight into the patient's view of how patients, families and carers are treated by the current system and areas needing urgent reform.

Australian Patient Charter  
Find out your rights and read Principles of Optimal Care for Australians with CKD


Our National Consumer Council Members are state Chairs of your local state Councils and meets on a regularly to make positive change to Australia-wide issues: access to renal units and facilities, transport issues and transplantation waiting times. Council Members represent a range of groups - people with CKD, those on dialysis or with a kidney transplant, carers, nurses and kidney specialists. If you have an issue for our Consumer Council to note, or wish to join, email consumerparticipation@kidney.org.au

You as a consumer have the right to speak out - join our Kidney Community today!
Kidney Health Australia has given a long term commitment to families and children affected by kidney disease, but the biggest challenge remains for us to reach those two million Australians who do not know they have early kidney damage.

By actively participating in health care decisions, people can improve their health and quality of life outcomes. There is also growing evidence that the participation of health consumers in our health system leads to positive changes in services across different settings.

All State Chairs are members of your National Consumer Council
Australian Capital Territory - David Parker act@kidney.org.au

New South Wales - Evan Eggins nsw@kidney.org.au
(newly elected Chair of National CC)
Queensland - Matty Hempstalk qld@kidney.org.au

Sth Australia - David Roberts sa@kidney.org.au

Tasmania - Pam Walker tas@kidney.org.au
Victoria - Wayne McGlone vic@kidney.org.au
Western Australia - Ted Russell wa@kidney.org.au

Kidney Health Australia representatives
Anne Wilson - Chief Executive Officer anne.wilson@kidney.org.au
A/Professor Tim Mathew - Medical Director tim.mathew@kidney.org.au
Anne Revell - National Health Programs Manager anne.revell@kidney.org.au

Criteria for selection as a member of a state Kidney Health Australia Consumer Council:

  • passion and commitment to make a difference in your kidney community
  • ability to articulate and understand issues affecting people living with kidney and urinary tract disease
  • willingness to feed back views and share ideas
  • sometimes be willing to communicate thoughts publicly and politically

How can you become involved in our Kidney Community?  
Kidney Health Australia's Mission is 'to promote good kidney health through education, advocacy and research". Raising awareness of kidney disease and its treatment grows particularly when people with kidney disease talk about dialysis and their lifestyle with friends and family members. 

To achieve change, people must share their concerns and act together, to increase the power of their voice. Kidney Health Australia wants to know the current issues affecting people in our kidney community. You may email subscribe@kidney.org.au with your contacts details and note in your request your wish to be added to our growing kidney community. You will also receive a copy of our monthly Kidney Community News.

Patient Perspectives on Dialysis: First National Census
Kidney Health Australia conducted this census to investigate the experience, perceptions and preferences of people currently undertaking dialysis in Australia. This census attempts to better understand why patients use certain types of dialysis in certain locations and what the barriers may be for undertaking dialysis in the home.

Every day six Australians start dialysis. The increase in numbers is being fueled by Australia’s ageing population, obesity and diabetes in the community. Research into patient perspectives on dialysis is vital, if Australia wishes to improve its dialysis services in line with the rising numbers of potential dialysis patients.


Kidney Health Australia - Education, Advocacy, Research, Support

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Updated 17 December 2013

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